14 January 2018

Repelling Claymores

Source - Claymore Or Great Sword

It was a year most disastrous to the British arms, at Fontenoy, Prestonpans, and Falkirk. It saw Charles Edward and his Highland army within ninety miles of London, and the regulars obliged to adopt a special drill to repel the fierce charge of the Highlanders and the terrible sweep of their claymores. [Source]

12 January 2018

Ackland In Rutherford's Ranging Company

"Christopher Ackland haveing produced to this Court that he is Intitled to Fifty Acres of Land under the King of Great Britains proclamation for serving as a Soldier in a Virginia Ranging Company under Captain Robert Rutherford and that he never Received any Warrant for the same."

An excerpt of a letter from George Washington to Robert Rutherford, 24 June 1758 below:

"[Fort Loudoun, 24 June 1758]
Orders for Captain Robert Rutherford Commanding a Company of Rangers

You are to detach 20 of your worst Rangers, to do Duty at Fort Loudoun, under Lieutt Smith...".

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