25 October 2016

24 October 2016

Lewis LeBlanc's Step-Children

Wayne County, Michigan, Probate Records, 1856...and the Francis Moran probate file (Image 397):

Probate File #2617
Angeline Moran
Mary Moran
Peter Lacy
School Teacher

 Ecorse, Wayne, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Lewis Lablanc M 38 Michigan
Angeline Lablanc F 36 Michigan
Angeline Lablanc F 13 Michigan
Mary Lablanc F 11 Michigan
Milly Lablanc F 6 Michigan
Peter Lablanc M 3 Michigan
Elizabeth Lablanc F 1 Michigan

23 October 2016

Ransom Rice In Franklin County

Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927  Franklin Settlements, 1835-1843, Vol. 1:

Also see the following images:  Image 229Image 291Image 354Image 386

22 October 2016

NOLA 1728 And Present Day

Artifact In The NOLA Gardens

From The New Orleans Book By Emma Cecilia Richey, Evelina Prescott Kean:

Map of New Orleans Circa 1728

A more modern view of New Orleans (Lake Pontchartrain):

21 October 2016

James Browne Of Moyne

Calendar of Wills. 313

BROWNE, James, of Moyne, County Galway, 

Ireland, late of the Island of Jamaica, now of Philadelphia. Natural daughter Elizabeth Browne alias Brady by Betty Brady; brothers Dillon Browne and Valentine Browne of Moyne, sister Frances, wife of Walter Jordan, Ann and Mary Browne. Apparently only personal property. Executors Mathias Hanly, late of the Isld. of Jamaica, now of Philadelphia, Michael Dillon, of Guanaboa, physician, and Edmond Betagh of St. Johns Parish, Jamaica. Witnesses Alfred Clifton, John Lynch.

Proved in N. Y. City. (Dates in 1779)

20 October 2016

The Bayonet Was His Last Resource

The Private Soldier Under Washingtonby Charles Knowles Bolton:

General Howe saw that the bayonet was his last resource to silence their destructive fire. At Long Island the British used the bayonet with deadly effect by receiving the fire of Washington's men and charging before they could reload. Therein lay the weakness of the firelock for the manner of loading was clumsy and slow.

19 October 2016

Mabel Ruth Bandy Anheuser

An article in The Southeast Missourian - Apr 5, 1926, indicated that Fred S. [Straub] Anheuser, a University of Missouri senior, introduced his "valentine," Mabel Ruth Bandy, to his friends, as the wife he married on Valentine's Day.  She was an instructor in the French Department at the university.  His father was a vice-president of Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  Both Fred and Mabel were 23 years old.


Mabel's parents were John Rufus and Arminna (Boyer) Bandy.  Her grandparents were John Kennedy and Martha Ann (Cusick) Bandy.

The Anheuser estate is now a museum.

The ancestral home of Fred and Mabel Ruth Anheuser, affectionately known to many as Fredmar Farms, is located in Kimmswick, Missouri just 25 miles south of downtown St. Louis. 

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